Eco Friendly Gardening Tips

sara bronfman

Welcome to the Sara Bronfman blog. How green is your garden? Sara Bronfman shares a quick eco-friendly tips about sustainable gardening. The aim is to help your garden sustain itself wherever possible. Let’s get started!

What is sustainable gardening?

Sustainable gardening is all about minimising human interference, and using natural resources and processes. In addition to the obvious environmental benefits, gardening sustainably will also save you money. What’s not to love?! Sara Bronfman believes that gardening with protecting the planet in mind is only going to become more popular, and that we will gradually move towards sustainable gardening being the ‘norm’.

Easy sustainable gardening checklist

• Don’t buy plastic plant pots; choose biodegradable or recyclable alternatives instead, or make your own.
• Re-use any plastic pots and trays you have for as long as possible.
• Compost your garden waste to create less waste and also a free soil enricher.
• If you buy compost, make sure it is peat-free.
• Turn fallen leaves into leaf mould for a natural mulch.
• Make your own plant feed using natural materials.
• Consider buying garden tools, equipment and furniture secondhand.
• Introduce trees and hedges to your garden to help air quality.
• Collect rainwater in a water butt to minimise hosepipe use.
• Encourage insects that feed on pests (such as greenfly) by providing them with a natural habitat.
• Leave an area of grass unmown to provide a habitat for local wildlife.
• Provide a food and water source for wild birds.
• Create a log pile or bug hotel.
• Grow plants that are attractive to pollinating insects.
• Keep on top of weeds using natural methods such as hand-digging, hoeing and smothering.
• If you use commercial pesticides or herbicides, choose products that only contain naturally occurring active ingredients.

When it comes to eco-gardening the main principles to remember are to conserve water and energy, choose plants and materials wisely and take a pass on chemicals and materials that are harmful or can’t be replaced.

About Sara Bronfman

Sara Bronfman features environmental blogs, illuminating subjects about green business to human rights. Sara also aims to educate readers and is very much invited to comment. For more information about Sara Bronfman check out her website here. You can also read the latest Sara Bronfman news here. Alternatively, you can follow more about Sara Bronfman sustainable lifestyle blog here.

Published by Sara Bronfman

Welcome to the Sara Bronfman blog. Sara Bronfman is a vegetarian and mum who believes that sustainability is about more than just where we live and how much energy we consume, important as those choices are. Follow Sara Bronfman and her work and learn more about her views on how we can help prevent climate change on the links below.

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