Meatless Monday

Here is the latest Sara Bronfman blog. Sara Bronfman aims to inspire people to be the best they can be. Have you thought of doing Meatless Monday? Who doesn’t want to feel healthier and loose a bit of weight? But Mondays are complicated. Are there any easy vegetarian meals that you can put together even when you get home late? Plus it’s hard enough finding the time to make a decent dinner but now it’s veggies only? Are these healthy vegetarian meals going to be boring or worse, taste like green mush?

Monday is not exactly the most convenient day to start learning a whole bunch of new recipes, so if it’s too complicated forget about it and the food has to taste great. Eating healthy is nice but taste comes first. So it can’t be just a bowl of lettuce and tomatoes. No weird ingredients and they won’t leave you hangry in an hour, I pinky promise.

sara bronfman healthy living

While you’ve heard about the benefits of adding more plants to your diet, there are also concerns. How will you get enough protein? What about iron? Will you feel slow and weak every Monday?

“It’s the opposite because with Meatless Monday your diet becomes more nutritious,” according to Sara Bronfman.

“Getting your protein from plants and other vegetarian sources makes space on your plate for a whole bunch of great nutrients. This is because they are packed with essential vitamins, fiber, minerals and antioxidants, all while reducing saturated fats which will help you loose some weight,” Sara Bronfman advice.

But meat tastes amazing, how can I go a whole day without it?

One thing many people don’t often realize is that a lot of the time it’s the seasonings you add that creates most of the flavor for your favorite foods and this is true for meat-free meals too.

sara bronfman healthy living foods

With the right recipes, you‘ll be feeling just as satisfied as with your favorite meat dishes. What about the costs? Some people say it’s expensive to eat healthy meatless meals, but that’s a myth. It will actually cost you less because meat is usually more expensive than vegetarian proteins.

That sounds awesome but do I now have to worry about a whole bunch of meal planning and research every week? Relax, Sara Bronfman has a lot of tips and tricks that will make sure your Meatless Monday is a breeze, and that’s what Meatless Monday is all about. By going for this small change in your diet, you’ll be taking steps towards a happier and healthier you.

Oh and it will also make you more eco friendly. Skipping meat one day per week for one year would remove 1.4 times more CO2 pollution than an average sized backyard full of trees. It’s one of the easiest ways to make a big difference because this small change will shrink your carbon footprint, put money back in your wallet and improve your health.


Sara Bronfman’s goal is to spark the motivation about healthy living and together we would be the proof that small changes can have huge impacts. Keep up to date with Sara’s green living news on the Sara Bronfman website here. Get free updates on concrete actions on how you can improve your health on the Sara Bronfman Medium page here. Alternatively, you can also follow Sara on the Sara Bronfman Facebook here.

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Welcome to the Sara Bronfman blog. Sara Bronfman is an American heiress and philanthropist. Sara believes that sustainability is about more than just where we live and how much energy we consume, important as those choices are. Follow Sara Bronfman and her work and learn more about her views on how we can help prevent climate change on the links below.

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